Nowadays we are still surprised by the repercussion that a single image can have on a TV ad or a few words on a radio show. “What if you look at the new product of …” or “did you listen to what they said on the radio about …” However, there is greater power that has left behind the traditional media. This power is able to instantly reach all types of public anywhere, allowing the interaction of social networks. These networks have revolutionized the communication mode and as a consequence the customer approach has changed as well.

We have been listening to the word influencer in the marketing world for a while. The influencers are the ones who transmit the content to their followers in a way that fascinates them or attracts them by what they post. Therefore, influencers have become the new fashion channel that many brands are using to reach an nonconformist audience that is increasingly changing.

But how are these influencer marketing campaigns?


What a beautiful photo of the Oscars 2014

It was at the Oscars 2014 when Ellen DeGeneres published, which would be the most retweeted photo in history: a selfie with other great celebrities such as Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, and Julia Roberts. This selfie did not arise by magic, was an advertising action previously planned by Samsung, where Ellen promoted the new device of the South Korean company, Samsung Galaxy note 3. Although the exact figure is not known, it is estimated that company spent $ 18 million to advertise at the gala. However, it turns out that the investment turned out to be profitable after all, it got thousands of free appearances in means around world by being virally shared.


DJ Khaled heading to Las Vegas

With the aim of launching its new Snapchat channel, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Association hired DJ Khaled, known as “The King of Snapchat” to show his more than 6 million followers the best venues in the city.

The campaign was launched on May 29, 2016 and lasted only 2 days. In those 48 hours Khaled visited the most famous casinos in the city, he experienced everything the city has to offer, and he did it with his followers through Snapchat. Khaled’s choice was not random, it was chosen by his followers. Every day thousands of young people between 21 and 30 years old follow their snaps, the audience that the city wanted to reach. As a result, the advertising action resulted in 400,000 advertiser visits and 25,000 new followers for the Las Vegas account at Snapchat.


Do you remember that song …? Spotify (#thatsongwhen)

Spotify also wanted to use social media to increase its reach. In their #thatsongwhen campaign they tried to engage users by sharing the songs that had marked them most in their lives. To increase its reach the first to share those songs were AlliCattt and Vincent Marcus. The seven million followers in total from these influencers listened to the songs that had been important for their idols and then they were able to share theirs with them.

Spotify has opted for one of the first marketing rules: appeal to feelings. In this case they used the nostalgia to engage their audience, and they succeeded. The repercussion was such, that the action became viral in a matter of days and Spotify created a special list with all those songs that its followers added.

Spotify campaing

Spotify #thatsongwhen


Reebok with Authentic Women (#PerfectNever)


One of the trends that brands are using for their influencer marketing campaigns is to partner with celebrities and micro-influencers in them. An example of an advertiser who does it perfectly is Reebook. In their last #PerfectNever campaign they combined celebrities of the height of Gigi Hadid, who reaches a large audience, along with niche influencers like Viki Costa, to reach a more specific fan sport. Reebok wanted to enhance the image of the imperfect woman far away from stereotypes. In their tweets and posts in instagram they invited  women to express themselves as the way they are, even highlighting their imperfections.

Una foto publicada por Verónica Costa (@vikikacosta) el