The Marketing Week Live held in London -from the 7-8 March- gathered the latest topics in marketing and key players through conferences, workshops, exhibitors, and experts. This event is currently organized by the Marketing Week, one of the most importants marketing magazines in London.

Since influence marketing has overcome the stage of being “the coming trend” from the next moves among agencies and marketers. We wanted to learn more insights about this field, overall in London, where this trend appears to speed up.

marketing week

We spotted some conferences and keynotes to learn more about Influencer Marketing background as a tech startup, for example:

  • Using word of mouth and trust marketing to build brand engagement: this topic is not new but the way out to excel with it nowadays is through social media by targeting the right consumer. Ads compared with content created by someone you are following in social media are less ‘real’ and drag lower engagement with the product or service.
  • The researcher’s guide to programmatic advertising: without any doubt it was a very clear explanation of the programmatic environment tailored suit for ads. In kasitoko we want to translate influencer marketing into programmatic, since more and more people are using ad-blocks in their devices.
  • Social influence analysis: A new insight territory: companies like Expedia are relying on influencer marketing to promote their travel services. Nowadays not only agencies manage their own long-tail influencer network but brands too.
  • Influencer marketing & how brands screw it up: using micro-influencers generate major engagement percentage than celebrities, the percentage of ones who have between 1k-10k followers is around 8% while the ones who have more than 100K drops down to 0,76%.
  • Influencer Marketing Fundamentals Workshop: by Come Round, a social influence marketing agency, underlined that influencer marketing is more than a buzzword, and it goes beyond than simply choosing some influencers. An influencer is more than a social media profile, and therefore is very important to maintain clear objectives from the beginning between the brand, the agency and the influencer to set up a campaign.

This event was a great hub for brand and agencies that were not fully acknowledge about the existence of Influencer Marketing and how they could implement or add influencer marketing in their marketing plan. Even though it seems that marketers, agencies, and brands know about influencer marketing, it’s still necessary to open more spaces to discuss, and to show how this can be done in a more automatized way, far from excel spreadsheets.

This is why in kasitoko we want to offer the best tech to manage your influencers and create campaigns with them. We see you as a partner not as a client, and therefore we aim to grow and improve together. This is our message and the main feedback we had from the people we spoke at the event. We hope next year The Marketing Week Live could bring more Influencer Marketing content and insights and tech solutions.