The irruption and arise of Influencer Marketing and social networks have revealed that is not necessary to be a pop star in order to have an extra income thanks to the advertisers. The so-called influencers and micro-influencers have climbed into the cart, but … What is a celebrity, an influencer, and a micro-influencer ?


Influencers everywhere



An influencer is a person who has some credibility on a particular subject, and by his presence and influence in social networks can become an interesting prescriber for a brand.

Influencers are those users who put faces to the brands, in this way they break the barrier that has been existing between the advertisers and the consumers in the mass media.

Influencers may come to represent a brand but we do not have to forget that they are also consumers and they will not promote anything that does not fit with their values.

“I do not promote something that does not represent me”
Michelle Jenner, actress and influencer



Micro-influencers are clear examples that size does not matter, the volume of followers in their social network profiles usually ranges between 500 and 10000 followers. They are not the largest but enjoy credibility on behalf of their followers getting very high engagement ratios.

In short, they are expert users in a theme where they share their passion, opinion, and knowledge in their profiles of social networks achieving results of 3 to 5 times better, in terms of engagement, per post.



What is a celebrity? In kasitoko we understand that a celebrity has a main differentiating factor, and is that it is known outside the social networks, for example a singer, an actor or an athlete. The fame in real life is extrapolated to the social networks, being able to become an influencer in a easier way.

In kasitoko we like to create concepts, and from this “hobby” has emerged the so-called celebrity niche. These influencers are directed to a specific geolocalized niche so they get to become known among all the collective, inside and outside social networks, being a reference in the sector.

In conclusion, it should be noted that they are not exclusive, all of them can change ranks. This is not to say that a micro-influencer is worse than a celebrity, indeed, we dare say that a micro-influencer can do more for a brand in most cases than Beyonce. It will always depend on the objective, type of product or service, budget and even the capabilities of each company. We will discuss it later in another post about of which is the type of influencer that fits best in your influencer marketing campaign.