Influencer marketing and fashion, an inseparable couple

The fashion industry has been one of the sectors that best promoted the influencers when all this vortex began. Several years later, it continues being one of the niches that major budget allocates to influencer marketing and one of the sectors with more experience in terms of managing campaigns.

According to a study by Launch Metrics, the brands from the fashion industry have reinforced, throughout 2016, their knowledge and experience in influencer marketing campaigns. The 65% of the fashion and retail brands invested part of their budget to influencer marketing, 3% more than the respondents from other industries.

In addition, thanks to this study, we know that they choose Instagram as the prefered social network, being an evolved field in the campaign management with influencers.

Brands also claim to have achieved greater visibility (84% of respondents) while 74% affirm that influencer actions were effective in increasing sales.

Who are the queens of Instagram in the fashion world?

Women have conquered this social media network for beauty and fashion brands. They were at the right time and place and have become the queens of this type of brands.

Chiara Ferragni. Italian, 30 years old and one of the most renowned influencer.


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It all started with her blog The Blondie Salad. She began this adventure hand to hand with her former boyfriend, Riccardo Pozzoli. Today they have a team of more than 20 people with great advertising revenues. In 2015 they reached a turnover of more than 7 million euros.

A couple of years ago she started her fashion firm and the big fashion are chasing her. For instance, Harvard considered this young Italian a case study.

Aimee Song. 31 years old, Los Angeles, California


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Additionally, with her blog Song of style blog and her Asian features she has managed to make her a space  among the most popular influencers in the fashion world. She started her blog in 2008 while studying interior design and in 2016 Forbes listed her in 30 under 30.

She has been chosen by Volvo as an  ambassadors and by Instagram  to test one of its new functionalities: the new advertising labels.

Khristina Bazán. 20 years old, creator of the blog Kayture

Kristina Bazán and her partner James Chardon created in 2011 the most influential blog in Switzerland Kayture and in the world.

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Nowadays Kristina works as: influencer, model, stylist, and singer. She has make the most of  her popularity to jump to music world of music through the big door.

She was one of the first and youngest influencers to promote campaigns for Chopard, Piaget, and Cartier. Also, she has participated in events as exclusive as The Cannes Film Festival.

Can we talk about success in the campaigns in which they participate?

REVOLVE, has been one of the strongest brands that that has bet on them.

In 2003 two friends decided to create an online fashion store, where they identify on an early stage the influencers’ potential to advertise  their brand worldwide. Today the firm has more than 600 employees and 40 million page views per month.

But how have they achieved this growth?

The influencers are the key. The investment in them has been growing year by year and to this day they organize one of the most popular parties in the fashion that no top influencer wants to miss.

The marketing campaigns with fashion influencers have expanded and now no is no longer worth it to just offer them a fashion garment or money in exchange for a publication. Today, what really conquers an influencer is a good experience, something fun that adds value to the brand and of course to their community.

Revolve every year organizes the summer party that no one dares to miss: celebrities, models, fashion bloggers … #RevolveintheHamptons #RevolveMe are the hashtags that must be followed if you do not want to miss anything.

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Thanks to its global strategy, it is estimated that Revolve will grow in revenues from $ 440 million to a further 50% over the course of this year.

So, clearly, those who believed at the beginning in influencer marketing are increasing their profits more than they could imagine and are closer to all those young women, who without much pretension, began to raise upload their looks to the Fotologs and earning a good salary per year.

Shall we invest in influencer marketing?