Nowadays is more common to consider an influencer as if they were a Hollywood celebrity because they have more visibility and influence than artists of the seventh art.

If you don’t believe it, here are 10 proven facts

1-    The Google search for “Influencer Marketing” has increased 325% in the last year. The Influencers are becoming more and more known by everyone who is in the marketing world.  

2-  In 2015 there were 190 platforms and agencies dedicated to influencer marketing, today there are more than 420. There has been an increase of 230 companies in the world market. Nobody wants to stay outside, everyone wants to be part of this trend!

3- The ROI of many of the companies that use influencer marketing is $ 7.65 on average for every $ 1 they spend, which figure can reach up to 20 $ for every $ 1 invested. These benefit margins are impossible to earn with other advertising formats such as the display.

4- Content marketing has become a safe bet among advertisers, reaching an exclusive budget for 57% of them. However, influencer marketing is also gaining momentum, 37% of large the corporations have begun to invest in it.

5- Most brands are going to boost their advertising budgets campaigns with influencers whereas only 4% think about not doing so.

6- The 84% of advertisers consider influencer marketing as effective, 81% of those analyzed have already increased their budget on content in the last two years.

7-   Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in terms of user’s interactions. In recent years it has exponentially increased its active users reaching 700 million. To bear in minds its potential you only have to think that every day 95 million photos and videos are posted and “liked” more than 4,200 million times. Awesome, right?

8-  Many advertisers are focused on creating campaigns with influencers on Instagram due to the growing importance of this social network, it is expected that by 2018 this trend will continue growing.

9-  The influencer marketing investment on Instagram in 2016 was 700 million, the forecast for 2017 will be around 1200 million, and 1700 million for 2018.

10- Micro influencers are way more effective than celebrities. Influencers with less than 1000 followers get an engagement rate of 8% while those with more than 100,000 get only 1.5% in their publications on Instagram. For Twitter is different, being 1.5% for influencers who have less than 1000 followers and 0.3% for those of more than 100,000.

Influencer marketing has its own rules that have nothing to do with those that have been applied so far for other advertising trends such as display or pre-roll video, but what is crystal clear is that these statistics show that the audience, brands, agencies, and networks are creating a new ecosystem in which everyone wins.