Platform for the automation of influencer marketing

for influencer networks

kasitoko is the World’s largest influencer aggregator with a white label SaaS that allows networks to manage and automate all processes in their organization.

for influencer marketing buyers

kasitoko has developed the first DSP for influencer marketing with a proprietary programmatic technology powered with blockchain for safe transactions.

Kasitoko SSP-Influencer Network

Automatic publishing

Publish automatically to the profiles of your influencers. Moderate the content, manage campaign timing and track & measure your influencers’ performance.

Influencers tailored to your campaign

Segment and optimize your influencers based on the needs of your campaigns.

Influencers tailored to your campaign

Segment and optimize your influencers based on the needs of your campaigns.

Automatic influencer marketing campaign analytics

Get an advanced report on your campaigns in real time with sociodemographic data.

Blockchain transactions

Generate smart contracts with the influencers that participate in the campaigns. Through the blockchain technology, based on Ethereum, all payments will be automated when the agreed minimum amounts are reached.

Access Kasitoko
Private Marketplace (PMP)

Access the PMP with your premium influencers, where only certified advertisers can operate.

Connect with your influencers

Affiliate and easily communicate campaigns to your influencers and from a single dashboard that allows you to connect with them wherever they are through your own app and chatbots.

Connect your inventory to the largest Marketplace

Be part of kasitoko, the largest influencer marketplace to monetize your inventory.

DSP for influencer marketing buyers

One-stop shop

Why work with many influencer networks if they are all form part of kasitoko?

kasitoko is the largest marketplace of influencers in the world where agencies and advertisers have access to the inventory of influencers of all the networks that use the SSP technology from kasitoko.

From a single place you can access thousands of influencers and automate your campaigns making the most of your investment by optimizing all processes. This way, you can centralize all purchases with a single provider.

Our kasitoko campaign manager dashboard will help oversee the relationship with influencers, enabling direct feedback in a timely manner between the influencers and the network. Or if you prefer, one of our partners will do all the campaign management.

What kind of buyer you are?

Trading Desks

Integrate kasitoko in your system and allow your users to programmatically buy campaigns with influencers from the kasitoko marketplace from your own panel. You can also, integrate campaign analytics in your dashboard.

Big Advertisers

+1M$/year investment of influencer marketing

You can manage all marketplace campaigns directly from our self-serve and get unified reports that measure with the same criteria in all countries. Unify in a single dashboard all the actions with influencers having control of the expenses by country, product, campaign…


< 1M$/year investment of influencer marketing

One of our partners will be responsible for helping you create and manage your influencer campaigns by using kasitoko’s technology by accessing all the inventory of our marketplace.

Blockchain technology for safe payments

Optimizes the costs of the accounting department by automating the billing processes with the influencers and allows payments to be programmed through blockchain technology.

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